bridging the gap


KnowEnterprise_SymbolKnowEnterprise® is an enterprise-scale modelling environment that provides comprehensive support for Model Based Enterprise Engineering (MDEE Approach) for business and IT users. KnowEnterprise comprises of two individual packages, called KnowEnterprise/Business and KnowEnterprise/IT, that both work on the same repository. This common repository stores enterprise knowledge ranging from the business vision to technical implementation details of enterprise IT systems in a highly integrated way.


Largely based on recent OMG specifications, KnowEnterprise/Business provides the following views for business people:

  • Motivation View: Defines business goals, influencers, assessments and strategies based on OMG’s “Business Motivation Model (BMM)”
  • Vocabulary View: Represents the semantic basis to express business rules based on OMG’s “Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR)”
  • Rule View: Supports the precise formulation of directives as business rules based on OMG’s “Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR)”
  • Process View: Supports modelling of business processes and organization structures based on OMG’s “Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)”, “Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM)”, and “Organisation Structure Metamodel (OSM)”.


KnowEnterprise/IT, also based on OMG specifications, provides the following views for IT architects and developers:

  • Requirements View: Defines IT requirements, projects and releases
  • xUML View: Represents implementation-independent executable specifications based on OMG’s “executable UML® (xUML)” and “Production Rule Representation (PRR)”
  • Architecture View: Defines target architectures as well as model transformations based on OMG’s “Unified Modeling Language (UML)” and “Model Driven Architecture (MDA®)”
  • Deployment View: Defines modelling of deployment processes for IT artefacts based on OMG’s “Unified Modeling Language (UML)” and “Model Driven Architecture (MDA)”

Using both packages

Combining the two packages leads to a holistic approach that creates transparency, since it provides traceability from any information back to its original business motivation.

Both packages are based on ARTiSAN Studio, a proven UML modelling environment providing services such as:

  • High precision UML modelling
  • Multi-user operation with access authorization and locking
  • Model and model-element versioning, sharing, splitting, differencing and merging
  • Fine-grained automatic change logging
  • Interactive usage and summary reports as well as dependency analysis
  • Automatic document generation for Microsoft Word and HTML documents