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KnowEnterprise – Version 1.7

October 15th, 2012 | Geposted von st in KnowEnterprise | KnowGravity | Model Driven Enterprise Engineering (MDEE) | xUML - (Comments Off on KnowEnterprise – Version 1.7)

KnowGravity gibt die Version 1.7 von KnowEnterprise frei. Die hervorzuhebenden Neuerungen können der nachfolgenden Releasenote entnommen werden (in englisch):

This release is quite substantial as it introduces KnowDocs™ the new document generation engine that replaces the deprecated DocGen-based engine. KnowDocs offers an intuitive user interface to users who want to generate or update documents from a model. It also offers an extremely flexible document configuration facility via “on-board document modeling” to the power user. In addition to the new document generation facility, this release of KnowEnterprise provides the following new major features:

• Support for virtual packages, i.e. uniform support of the “adoption mechanism” known from Vocabularies on all KnowEnterprise packages
• Support for modeling Skills and Domains
• Extended modeling support for Business Capabilities
• Extended modeling support for Requirements and Projects
• New derived properties for requirements coverage, project management, and complex use case/actor calculation
• Support for property templates for all KnowEnterprise model elements
• Support for KnowEnterprise plug-ins called “KnowEnterprise Extensions”
• Extended support for virtual drives and references
• Passive compatibility with Atego‘s SysML profile and non-KnowEnterprise model parts
• Performance and usability improvements
• Various bug fixes

All in all more than 100 user visible changes have made it into this release.

KnowEnterprise 1.7 requires Artisan Studio 7.3 or 7.4. If you are interested in an update or an evaluation copy of KnowEnterprise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.