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ISSRE 2014: Keynote von KnowGravity

October 23rd, 2014 | Geposted von st in KnowGravity | Risk | UML Testing Profile (UTP) - (Comments Off on ISSRE 2014: Keynote von KnowGravity)

An der ISSRE 2014 (IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering) hält Markus Schacher von KnowGravity Inc. die KeyNote im Workshop-Track zum Thema Risk, mit dem Titel “Model-based Risk Analysis in the Railways Domain”. Anbei das Abstract der Keynote in Englisch:

Back in 2010 the Swiss Railways started an initiative to standardize the interfaces of their highly safety-relevant interlocking systems across all suppliers. As the leading contractor, KnowGravity Inc. approached this challenge in an entirely model-based way: from model-based requirements engineering in SysML, over executable specifications in xUML and model-based testing using the UML testing profile (UTP), down to model-based planning and document production. So, it was only natural to perform risk analysis in a model-based way as well. In this presentation I will show how we developed a formal model to predict and evaluate critical behavior of complex heterogeneous systems utilizing the mechanism of UML profiling. Developing a UML profile for risk analysis enabled us to apply common techniques such as HAZOP, FMEA, FTA and ETA using a commercial UML modeling tool. It also made tight model integration and comprehensive traceability between risk models and other languages implemented as UML profiles possible. I will discuss the organizational as well as technical challenges we were (and still are) facing, particularly the reuse of model elements across multiple systems and components to be able to “model by difference” the risk-related aspects of a whole family of systems.

KnowEnterprise® release 2.1

October 23rd, 2014 | Geposted von st in KnowEnterprise | KnowGravity | Model Driven Enterprise Engineering (MDEE) | xUML - (Comments Off on KnowEnterprise® release 2.1)

KnowGravity Inc. gibt die Version 2.1 von KnowEnterprise frei. Die Details zu den Änderungen seit Version 2.0 können der  englischen Releasenote entnommen werden:

We are happy to announce release 2.1 of KnowEnterprise®. This is a maintenance release that incorporates more than 80 bug fixes and improvements. Furthermore, a small utility called License Monitor has been included that supports monitoring of the current usage status of KnowEnterprise corporate floating licenses. Accompanied with this release of KnowEnterprise, a new release of KnowDocs™ is also provided. This release of KnowEnterprise provides the following new features:

  • Extended support of Offerings and Liabilities in the Motivation Model
  • Tighter integration of rules and processes
  • Extended support for traceability across multiple model languages and MDEE quadrants
  • Extended support for xUML Types
  • Umlaut aware sorting of model elements
  • Performance and usability improvements
  • Various bug fixes

KnowEnterprise 2.1 requires Artisan Studio 8.0 or higher. Existing users may download the latest version of the software from our FTP-server. If you are interested in an evaluation copy of KnowEnterprise or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.