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Downloads from the successful participation at SWISSED 2017

September 6th, 2017 | Posted by pg in KnowGravity | Product Line Engineering - (Comments Off on Downloads from the successful participation at SWISSED 2017)

KnowGravity was present at SWISSED 2017

  • as a Gold sponsor
  • with a presentation on Model-based Engineering of Product Lines
  • with a booth

Below you find all the interesting material around our main topic for this event: Product Line Engineering.
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Presentation Model-based Engineering of Product Lines
In industrial settings, product lines are a common means to increase product versatility yet reducing production and operational costs. To design complex products consisting of hardware and software, SysML is today’s favourite modelling language. However, SysML currently provides no dedicated means to express variability of product lines…

First Systems Engineering Roundtable in Zürich
KnowGravity in collaboration with SSSE organises the first Systems Engineering Roundtable in Zürich

Short Profile KnowGravity
KnowGravity Inc. is a small, but smart consulting company specialized in model-based business engineering, systems engineering, requirements engineering, and software engi- neering, offering services as well as tools to support these disciplines…

Engineering Manifesto
Engineering is the discipline, skill, and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes to solve practical problems…

Model-based Product Line Engineering
Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a way to engineer a portfolio of related products in an efficient manner, taking full advantage of the products’ similarities while respecting and managing their differ- ences. PLE impacts all activities involved in planning, designing, producing, deploying, sustaining, and retiring products…

Model-based Requirements Engineering
Requirements engineering is the continuous process of finding, documenting, and validat- ing properties and features of a desired solution in order to achieve some goals. Doing requirements engineering in a model-based fashion means to describe those properties and features as individual pieces that…

Model-based Risk Analysis
Risk is the combination of the expected frequency/probability of an unwanted consequence and the expected degree of severity of that consequence. Many of today’s systems introduce safety and/or security risks to their users or even to the public…

Model-based Testing
Model-based Testing (MBT) promises a substan- tial reduction of the efforts required to create and maintain test specifications by providing model elements as reusable concepts…

Vocabulary Engineering
Whoever communicates in natural language has to reckon with misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings can be funny, but they may also have consequences that are undesirable or even catastrophic…

Security Engineering
Cyber security and information security focus on the protection of information and data in organizations, business processes, and information systems from undesired use or manipula- tion…

KnowEnterprise/Business is a component of the KnowEnterprise tool suite that provides comprehensive support for Model Driven Enterprise Engineering. It supports the business audience in enterprise modelling and organizes information into five fully integrated views to represent business information that is essential to an enterprise…

KnowEnterprise/IT is a component of the KnowEnterprise tool suite that provides compre- hensive support for Model Driven Enterprise Engineering. It supports IT departments in comprehensive modelling enterprise-level applications as well as complex technical systems by providing five fully integrated views…

KnowDocs is a document generator that allows easy generation of compact and target- specific documents of any kind from a PTC Integrity Modeler model…

RIAL is an extension of KnowEnterprise® that supports Model-based Risk Analysis. Model- based Risk Analysis with RIAL…

xUML Starter Kit
Standard UML is not formal enough to precisely specify functional requirements without the help of (informal) natural language. By closing this gap, we end- up with a variant of UML with precise semantics, also called Executable UML or xUML…

Markus Schacher and Rolf Gubser will have a presentation on “Model-based Product Line Engineering” at the SWISS Systems Engineering Day (SWISSED 2017). Furthermore, as a Gold-Sposor of the SWISSED 2017 KnowGravity will be represented with a booth at the exhibition.

The conference will be held on 4th September 2017 at the Lake Side in Zürich. Further details (prices, tracks, speakers, etc…) may be found in the official flyer. Under the main topic “Conquering Complex Conundrums Through Systems Engineering Education” the conference is organized into the following tracks:

  • Defense and Aerospace Systems
  • Safety
  • Transport
  • Medical Devices
  • Model-based Systems Engineering

To register, please use the following link: SWISSED 2017 Registration