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KnowEnterprise® release 2.2

May 15th, 2015 | Geposted von st in KnowEnterprise | KnowGravity | Model Driven Enterprise Engineering (MDEE) | xUML

KnowGravity Inc. gibt die Version 2.2 von KnowEnterprise frei. Die Details zu den Änderungen seit Version 2.1 können der englischen Releasenote entnommen werden:

We are happy to announce release 2.2 of KnowEnterprise®. This is a maintenance release that incorporates more than 70 improvements and bug fixes. Accompanied with this release of KnowEnterprise, a new release of KnowDocs™ is also provided.

This release of KnowEnterprise provides the following new features:

  • “Fact Diagrams” are now renamed to “Concept Diagrams”
  • Extended support of Offerings and Liabilities
  • Extended support for Tasks and Processes
  • Extended support for decision tables
  • Extended support for Requirements
  • Extended support for versioning of Architecture elements (Applications, Databases, etc.)
  • Extended support for Document Definitions and batch document generation
  • Extended support for Project Management
  • Generalized support for categorization of any model element type
  • The Mini EU-Rent example has been extended
  • Usability improvements
  • Various bug fixes

KnowEnterprise 2.2 requires Artisan Studio 8.0 or higher. Existing users may download the latest version of the software from our FTP-server. If you are interested in an evaluation copy of KnowEnterprise or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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