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KnowEnterprise® release 2.0

April 14th, 2014 | Geposted von st in KnowEnterprise | KnowGravity | Model Driven Enterprise Engineering (MDEE)

KnowGravity Inc. gibt die Version 2.0 von KnowEnterprise frei. Die zahlreichen Neuerungen können der nachfolgenden englischen Releasenote entnommen werden:

After almost a year of work, we are happy to announce the next major release of KnowEnterprise. This is a major release of KnowEnterprise that introduces an entirely new diagram engine making most KnowEnterprise diagrams much smoother (no “Drop Places” anymore!) and faster to use. In order to adapt to the new usability style introduced by Artisan Studio 8.0, the context menus of KnowEnterprise have been entirely reorganized. In combination with Studio 8.0’s new PLE feature, KnowEnterprise now also supports comprehensive product line engineering. Furthermore, this release of KnowEnterprise also introduces a new major release of KnowDocs™ providing an even increased flexibility on controlling document generation. In addition to this, this release of KnowEnterprise provides the following new major features:

  • Full support for the Business Motivation model to BMM 1.2 including support for Offerings and Liabilities
  • Visions, Goals, and Objectives may now be shown on all diagrams to indicate their satisfaction
  • Noun Concepts may now be turned into many other model element types
  • Requirements may now be specialized and extended support for «trace», «verify» and «satisfy» dependencies
  • Support for Issues and Change Requests extended
  • xUML Use Cases as well as Test Cases now support local variables and inherited parameters
  • Pattern Family Diagrams are more formalized
  • PSM Diagrams are merged into Architecture Diagrams
  • Individual versions of the same Application Types, Database Types, Rulebase Types and Document Types supported
  • An Aspect Weaver has been introduced to support advanced configuration and extension of KnowEnterprise
  • The “IT Model” has been generalized to a “Systems Model”
  • Many more “Populate” commands are available on diagrams
  • Menu “Report\Usage” available on all diagrams
  • A new virtual drive KESR: has been introduced
  • All Section Renderings in the KnowEnterprise Library now support virtual packages
  • A new licensing mechanism has been implemented
  • Performance and usability improvements
  • Various bug fixes

All in all almost 200 user visible changes have made it into this release.

KnowEnterprise 2.0 requires Artisan Studio 7.4 or 8.0. If you are interested in an update or an evaluation copy of KnowEnterprise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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