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Project references

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Project references

An overview of our main projects in alphabetical order of their usage site:

  • Airline solution provider / software architecture consultancy
    Developing and implementing a procedure for the migration and redevelopment of a flight reservation system (MVS/TPS) in a distributed environment (CORBA). Development of information and application architecture for airline solutions; consulting and developing of guidelines for the architecture group.
  • Bank / introduction of the business rules approach
    Support in the introduction of the business rules approach. Training the specialized personnel in the business rules approach. Developing a specialized and technical architecture for automating business rules. Support in the evaluation of various commercial business rules engines.
  • Bank / developing a concept for the implementation of the business rules approach
    Developing a concept for the implementation of the business rules approach and the use of a rule engine in a monitoring component.
  • Bank / requirements management in credit banking
    Coaching with the analysis and (Re-)Design of a specialized as well as application-wise credit rating system of a major bank, which have to comply with regulatory guidelines (Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley Act). Developing an according cross-divisional vocabulary. Implementing a pilot project for the rule-based design of rating methods.
  • Bank / training in UML and Tools
    Conceptual design and training courses in UML, requirements engineering with RTM, and business processes for business and IT people.
  • Banking Outsourcer / Introduction of the Business Rules Approach
    Making Business Rules explicit company-wide and maintain them. The new approach and terms were introduced to team members as well as to potential stakeholders through information meetings. A methodology adapted to the client has been developed and training therein given. New projects were supported methodically so that their results were consistent throughout the entire company.
  • Banking Outsourcer / company-wide repository
    Developing several solution approaches to integrate different available tools into a company-wide repository for vocabulary and business rules. Creating a prototype for a feasible solution and developing decision criterions for assessing the various options.
  • Consulting firm / Implementation of a visio plugin to assist the approach
    Conceptual design and implementation of a visio add-in to assist the specific procedures of a consulting firm.
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR) / Collaboration in test formalization
    Test formalization in UML, elaboration of a concept to formalize tests in UML for a complex safety critical system and, based on it, the design of a generic XML-format to exchange test specifications and test results.
  • Outdoor advertising / coaching and training in modeling with UML
    Consulting and collaboration in the analysis and design of a comprehensive ERP solution in outdoor advertising that is able to support various clients. Personnel training in specification of IT systems with UML and the business rules approach. Specification of a complex sales application using xUML (executable model and model based testing).
  • Industry / IT-Architecture for a reactor controller
    Designing the IT-architecture of a flexible controller of a laboratory reactor to automate and analyze chemical laboratory experiments. Training and coaching of users in the application of the UML as well as the realization of individual components of the system.
  • Outdoor advertising / business model documentation
    Comprehensive business model documentation in various areas: Business vocabulary, business processes, organization, business strategy, business rules
  • Outdoor advertising / project management and specification
    Managing a software development project for 2 years and developing the specification.
  • Outdoor advertising / assisting in the introduction of the business rules approach
    Developing an approach that is fitted into the existing environment. Introduction of a rule based process. Support in the extraction and formulation of the effective business rules. Development of a concept to test business rules.
  • Railway syndicate / specification of safety critical systems
    Methodical training and assistance with the compilation of designable UML models (xUML) for Europe-wide standards in complex, safety critical railway systems (systems for railway control centers). Development of various tools to work out feasible specifications and assistance with the elaboration of test cases for these specifications.
  • Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) / Bank information system
    Consulting and collaboration in the analysis and design of a new bank information system. Partial realization.
  • Telecom / Designing business models
    Coaching of internal personnel in designing company-wide business models (business processes, business objects and business rules) based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Assistance in the application and the custom tailoring of the used CASE-Tools.
  • Telecom / Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture
    Assistance in the implementation of a Zachman-based business architechture as well as the application of the UML.
  • Training / IT-Strategy with roadmap
    Evaluating the actual strengths and weaknesses of an existing IT-infrastructure of a major training provider. Based thereon, developing a new long term IT-strategy and a plan on how to implement it for the next 5 to 10 years.