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The structured way to your business success

Model Driven Enterprise Engineering™

We offer suitable know how and strong support to let everyone in the organization act together. Model Driven Enterprise Engineering links all the information about the organization and puts it’s goals in the center of it. Thus fulfillment of compliance requirements becomes feasible. Information is structured in a way that leads to a coherent picture of the organisation. Only comprehensible relations can reduce risks when change is needed. The entire MDEE framework is based on publicly available approaches and specifications of the Object Management Group (OMG™) like MDA, UML and SysML and thus protects your investments for the future.

MDEE Framework

The Business Perspective

  • You need a vision if you want to be a strong player in your market.
  • Success doesn’t happen by accident.
  • Your organization’s success is the result of systematic planning and your ability to adapt to ever changing conditions.

We can help you with words and deeds. So that your organization grows beyond itself.

In the context of business motivation:

  • Develop a strong vision for your organization – success can be planned
  • Identify business influencers – what are your opportunities, where are your risks?
  • Derive appropriate business strategies – have all your activities support your vision

In the context of business design:

  • Phrase your business vocabulary – guessing costs time
  • Derive precise guidelines and policies from your strategies – have motivated regulations
  • Model your business processes – know your path to success
  • Identify organizational structures and responsibilities – to run a smooth business

Our Model Driven Enterprise Engineering framework enables you to develop future-proof strategies for your organization which can be operationalized while being based on a shared vision. This can be realized especially efficiently using the tool KnowEnterprise.

The IT Perspective

Modern and flexible IT solutions are essential for an organisation these days. But technology must make sense from a business perspective. That’s why every solution is assessed by it’s alignment with the organisation’s strategies.
We can support you – so that your IT infrastructure enables your company success.

In the context of IT design:

  • Specify the business requirements on your IT systems – let technology clear the path to your goals
  • Combine your requirements into projects and releases – for an incremental implementation
  • Prepare precise specifications and matching test cases – for easy validation of your IT systems

In the context of IT implementation:

  • Produce consistent guidelines and architectural standards for your IT systems – for sustainable functionality
  • Design your operative IT environment – for agile changes
  • Automate large parts of your development process – to eliminate repetitive routine task and sources of errors

In the IT Perspective we apply our experience in MDA, UML and SysML among others.

The framework of Model Driven Enterprise Engineering assists you in selecting your technologies based on your strategies to develop efficient solutions. Using the tool KnowEnterprise this is supported very efficiently.