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Markus Schacher and Rolf Gubser will have a presentation on “Model-based Product Line Engineering” at the SWISS Systems Engineering Day (SWISSED 2017). Furthermore, as a Gold-Sposor of the SWISSED 2017 KnowGravity will be represented with a booth at the exhibition.

The conference will be held on 4th September 2017 at the Lake Side in Zürich. Further details (prices, tracks, speakers, etc…) may be found in the official flyer. Under the main topic “Conquering Complex Conundrums Through Systems Engineering Education” the conference is organized into the following tracks:

  • Defense and Aerospace Systems
  • Safety
  • Transport
  • Medical Devices
  • Model-based Systems Engineering

To register, please use the following link: SWISSED 2017 Registration

KnowGravity at the ESE Kongress 2016

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ESE Kongress Logo

Markus Schacherbanner_referent_2016 of KnowGravity Inc. will be presenting the UML Testing Profile V2 at the Embedded Software Engineering Congress (ESE Congress) in Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Link to the presentation: Abstract (in German only)
  • Link to the programme of the congress: Program overview (in German only)
Swiss Society of Systems Engineering Day

Rolf Gubser and Markus Schacher will be holding a talk at the SWISSED 2016 about “Integrated Modelling for Engineering Complex Heterogeneous Systems”. The event will take place on the 12.9.2016, further details (ticket prices, tracks, speakers, etc…) can be found in the official flyer.

This years subject is “Systems Engineering for competitiveness” with an emphasis on :

  • Systems Engineering applied to the Medical Devices Industry
  • Defense and Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • IoT / Industry 4.0
  • Agile Systems Engineering

Build on goals, not on sand! How good goals lead to the right system

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The German magazine OBJEKTspektrum published an article written by our partner Patrick Grässle about the relation between requirements and goals of the targeted system. Below you will find the abstract in German:

“Das Requirements Engineering (RE) fokussiert sich darauf, ein gewünschtes System mit Hilfe von Anforderungen zu beschreiben. Aber wie kann man wissen, ob man das richtige System beschrieben hat? Und woran lässt sich am Ende der Erfolg messen? Man muss die Ziele kennen, die man mit Hilfe des gewünschten Systems zu erreichen hofft. Aber Ziele sind zu mehr zu gebrauchen als nur zur Kontrolle des Erfolgs: Sie sind das Fundament, auf dem die Anforderungen stehen, und unerlässlich, um zwischen richtigen und falschen Anforderungen unterscheiden zu können. Wie das geht, soll im Folgenden gezeigt werden.

You will find the full article as a .pdf format under this link, and on the website of OBJEKTspektrum under this link.

KnowGravity at SWISSED

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Swiss Society of Systems Engineering Day

This year KnowGravity Inc. will attend the “Swiss Society for Systems Engineering Day” (SWISSED) on the 9.9.2015 with a stand at the symposium!

As the Swiss Systems Engineering Society (SSSE) describes on their homepage, SWISSED is the annual symposium of the Swiss Systems Engineering Society (SSSE), also acting as the Swiss Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). They are offering a 1-day event bringing together first-class presenters and practitioners from across Europe, to share knowledge and experience on how to plan, develop and manage systems in an efficient and successful way.

At our stand you will be able to get information about all our services concerning – but not limited to – Systems Engineering, with an emphasis on the following subjects:

  • Model-based risk analysis
  • Model-based testing
  • Model-based requirements engineering

The following link brings you directly to the symposiums programm: programm of the SSSED.